Events & Functions

Photography for dinner nights, functions, celebrations and parties., Over the past few years we have seen photobooths take over from traditional photography. We don't have booths, but prefer to rely on the skills and personality of real photographers!

We can provide a tailor made service to suit your event, but we can simplify matters by letting you know what we can offer.

1. Traditional photography - Providing photographic coverage of your event without any staged area.

2. Portable studio - We will set up a small studio in a convenient site at your location. We shoot throughout the event during prearrange times. 

3. Photo-Wall - This is our interpretation of a photobooth, but with the added benefit of having a real photographer, better quality photographs and the ability to cater for getting more people in the photo!

With all of our options, we cater for your personal requirements. This can include digital copies of images for you, or the sale of images through our website.

For further information on prices and availability, please contact the studio or email, outlining the details of your event and what you would like, from a photographic point of view.