The Smith's

Your shoot

You may have had a portrait shoot before, this may be your first time, but like many things, there are lots of different ways to do things and every photographer will differ. So, here is how we operate....

1. Your initial inquiry.
We can talk you through things answering any questions. This can be over the phone, email or in person at the studio. You are always welcome to come to the studio to see what we offer first hand and to have a look around.

2. The shoot!
It's all very relaxed. We allow enough time for the shoot. For bigger groups, we allow longer, likewise for babies, we know that you could easily be delayed, and once here, the baby may need a break for food! Our aim is to capture your personalities, so be yourself!

3. The viewing.
Where possible, all viewings are carried out in person at the studio on a large screen. We can talk you through the photographs and assist you in selecting the better choice for you. You can also see at first hand, the different options for presenting your photographs, whether it be framed, on canvas or any other option. We do have a fantastic online gallery, but we prefer the "in person" viewing first. In short, the service we offer is of the highest quality, and we do not wish to throw photos online for you to view without guidance. There are circumstances where by the viewing is best carried out online, for families that live further a field, or overseas. We always offer this option if required

Selecting photographs can be hard, but we aim to make the process as easy and simple as possible. There is no hard sell, whatsoever. We will not threaten to delete the images if you do not buy them!

4. Collecting your photographs.
We can offer a next day turnaround if required, but it is normally 1 week for photographs, and 2-3 weeks for framed photographs, Canvasses and other products. All framing is bespoke and carried out by ourselves. Payment is required in full at the time of collection. Our opening ours are generally by appointment, just to ensure that we are here when you arrive, but we will contact you to arrange a collection time. If you have problems transporting your "larger" framed photographs, we can always deliver locally.

Finally, We are a professional studio. It is our own studio and we take pride in what we do. Only the highest standards are acceptable, which is why people come back, time and time again.