Attention to detail

Pre-Wedding Shoot

Your pre-wedding shoot will be arranged prior to the wedding and will take place at our Warminster studio.

There are two main reasons for the shoot. Firstly, we will have the chance to meet up and discuss your wedding in detail. Secondly, to photograph you as a couple and prepare you for the photographs on the day ensuring that you will be completely at ease before the camera. Some photographers may shoot on location, or even at your wedding venue. I prefer the studio setting. It's private, relaxed and it will not feel like a "Practice"!

Whilst your images are being prepared for viewing, we will discuss general posing and explain in detail the ways in which we bring out the best in your photographs. This may sound staged and formal, but it is key to producing a good photograph and helping you relax. It is far to easy to look uncomfortable in photographs. After your wedding day, it's too late, so this little bit of advice and practice will transform your photos, help provide the finishing touch and above all else, give you confidence in being photographed!