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"We hate our school photographs, they are always the same old boring shots"

This is a phrase I hear a lot, whether from kids or parents. The simple truth is that school photography can be an easy money generator and so can attract the less experienced photographer.

We know we are better!

This is quite a bold statement, but one which is easily qualified! To put it simply, we have produced some excellent and innovative photography over the past few years and all our competitors seem to be able to do is copy us! The main difference between our photography and theirs will be quality and innovation. We keep moving forward, striving to provide the very best and being different!

We only photograph a select number of schools as it's a small part of our business.

Areas covered include...

Individual & sibling portraits
Class photographs (traditional & montage) 
Sports teams (traditional and montage)
Drama & musical productions
GCSE & A level Exams
Proms and awards nights
Graduation ceremonies 
PR, corporate, advertising and marketing*

In all areas, we aim to excel, meeting the demands of the school and more importantly, the parents. We have a good working relationship with all schools we photograph and constantly improve and adapt our approach to suit the individual school. Our prices are in line with the majority of school photographers, the only difference being in our personal approach and higher quality end products.

Please contact us if you would like further information regarding our services. We are more than happy to put together a sample pack and bring it to the school to discuss your requirements.

*PR, Advertising and Marketing: When employed as a photographer, we will work to a brief and produce images set in that brief. If, however you would like a concept or idea to take forward for branding or a marketing strategy, we are happy to discuss this separately. In the world of marketing and advertising for schools, it's important to stand out and be recognized. The use of strong images is of paramount importance, but more so is the concept behind it. We are able to assist in this area where required and will be happy to provide a quote.